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umSisi House Staff

Our staff are the backbone behind the successful operation of umSisi House. Esther and Mishack live at the property while Sam, Hendry and Roselina choose to live at home with their families in Masoyi / Mahushu and commute to work daily.

We also employ a number of part-time staff who also live in Masoyi. They all work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that your umSisi House experience is unforgettable.

Sam Mzimba is our Handyman. He is a skilled builder and maintenance manager and is responsible for keeping umSisi House and umSisi Cottage in pristine condition.

Esther Nkosi is Swazi-speaking and has worked with us for 12-years. She is responsible for keeping the property immaculate and will look after all of your laundry requirements. She is always ready to greet you with a big and welcoming smile!

Roselina Nkosi is Swazi-speaking and has lived in Masoyi her entire life. Roselina looks after the cottage and helps Esther in the house when we have guests. She also helps in the garden when time allows.

Mishack Matabela is Shangaan-speaking and has recently re-joined our team. He is an all-rounder who is with us on a 6-month training internship.  He is currently learning all aspects of the business and we hope to be able to offer him a full-time position on completion of his internship.

Hendry Matsane is Swazi-speaking and has also lived in Masoyi his entire life. Hendry helps Sam and Mishack with all gardening and building requirements. He is also responsible for the walking trails.

We are very lucky to have them all as part of our team!

Staff Tips

All of our staff would be grateful for any appreciation you care to show them in the form of tips. We have a tip box in the office. R30 per guest per day is suggested, but this should be a minimum of R150 and a maximum of R800 for the entire stay at your discretion. This amount will be shared between staff members on a quarterly basis.

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