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Useful Information

Kruger Lowveld region

On arrival at umSisi House, Paddy and Amanda will welcome you with a refreshing drink and show you around the property. They will interact with you as little or as much as you would like them to. Obviously they are available whenever you need them!

 Availability of Fuel

White River has numerous petrol / gas stations, and is only 15 kilometres away from the nearest one. Most of them operate 24-hours a day and have small shops and ATM machines on the premises. Please note that at some fuel stations fuel can only be purchased with South African rands.


The main high street banks in South Africa are First National Bank and Standard Bank. If you need a bank which deals in Forex exchange, we recommend that you use the First National Bank in White River (on the high street) or the Standard Bank in the Riverside Mall.

Drinking Water and Water Supply

Our water is supplied from two natural springs in the mountains behind the house. A trickle system fills the storage tanks and our geysers. This water is incredibly rich in nutrients and bottled by Loerie Water on the other side of the mountain so there is absolutely no need to worry about the safety of the drinking water! All of the drinking water provided is run through a sand filter and decanted into glass bottles for your enjoyment. We expect the water supply to cater for a full house as long as deep baths are kept to a minimum.

Mobile / Cell Phone Reception

We have pretty good mobile phone coverage at the property and it is generally excellent around the Nelspruit and White River areas. That said, it will totally disappear when you enter the depths of the Kruger National Park.

Nocturnal Creatures

If you're a keen birder, don't think your bird watching at umSisi House need be limited to day light hours! Once the sun sets you can listen out for the hooting of wood and spotted eagle owls and the trilling of nightjars. You can also expect to hear the cries of thick-tailed and thin-tailed bushbabies, the sonar of fruit bats and a full symphony orchestra of various frog species. Please don't worry about this as everything is absolutely harmless!

Snakes and Insects

There are many interesting and beautiful insects and snakes at umSisi House. The majority of them are harmless. However, if the insects bother you please ask us to remove them for you. There are reference books to help you identify what you have found. But under no circumstances should you try to deal with snakes on your own. If you find a snake, by all means try to identify it, but ask Paddy or Amanda to remove it with their special snake stick. Typically we find Mozambican Spitting Cobras, Puff Adders and Black Mamba in this area. They choose to avoid us and we try and leave them in relative peace. While it is important to always be aware of snake safety measures, please remember that they are much more scared of us than we are of them. The rule of thumb is never walk through the flower beds or long grass in bare feet!

Telephone and Internet Connection

There is one line going into the house. The number is + 27 (0) 13 750 1520 and you are welcome to give this number to friends, family or the office should they need to contact you. An internet connection is available in the Media Room through a Vodaphone 3G router. However, the internet availability at umSisi house is farm 3G and shouldn't be confused with what you're used to at home! We provide a laptop, printer and Skype phone for your exclusive use, so that you don't need to travel with your own laptop. Any outgoing calls made through our landline will be charged at normal rates and added to your final account. 

Kruger National Park Information

Please visit this website for more information on the Great Kruger region Greater Kruger Park.


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