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Weather in South Africa

For many people weather plays a very critical role in holiday planning. So it's not surprising that we often get asked about the different seasons in South Africa and what holiday makers can expect. We've outlined the main seasons for you below. But only you can decide whether you want to experience a South African winter or a South African summer. All we can add is that each season has a charm of its own, so it's never a bad time to travel!

Summer Months in South Africa

November through to March is summertime in South Africa. You can expect humid, balmy weather as it is our 'rainy season' in the Lowveld. You should prepare for rain – and quite a lot of it – in the form of short-lived African tropical storms which will leave you marvelling at their ferocity. Daytime temperatures can reach 40° C (104 ° F) while night-time temperatures are a pleasant 22° C (72° F) - in fact you may even need a light sweater.

In October and April there is typically less rain and a very slight reduction in temperature.

Winter Months in South Africa

May through to September is wintertime in South Africa. In stark contrast to our summer weather in South Africa, these months are predominately dry with the odd, isolated storm. The temperature only starts to drop noticeably in May, and by the time mid-winter is upon us in June and July the maximum daytime winter temperature is still around 26° C (85° F), although the nights can get very chilly which is why we have a roaring fire in the evenings!

Changing Weather Patterns

We are certainly experiencing the effects of global warming in Mpumalanga as nothing is as predictable as it once was. Please therefore be prepared for anything ...

To view current weather conditions please visit: South African Weather Services

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