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Iso Labantwana Community Tour


The 'Iso Labantwana' Community Tour invites you to experience and participate in an established community project dedicated to improving the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and young adults in our neighbouring Masoyi community. The project is run by Masoyi Home Based Care who are a registered non-profit organisation and the tour has been developed by umSisi House in support of the practices of 'Responsible Tourism'.

So  join Masoyi Home based Care (MHBC) at their Youth Resource Centre where you will start your tour. Visit the Life Skills Centre and meet their young adults. Walk with them to the Lula Care Centre and play with the children. Work with them in their gardens or turn your hand to building a home.

This is a grass roots experience allowing you to meet the caregivers and beneficiaries of this visionary community project and glimpse life in a rural African community. These children and young adults are our future. It is our responsiibility to understand and care for them. Iso Lanbantwana means 'the eyes of the children' in siSwati and was the name chosen for this community tour as it is a commonly held belief across many cultures that the 'eyes' are the windows to the soul because they reflect the emotion (pain, anger, fear, happiness, joy) that a person is feeling. We felt this was a very appropriate name for the community tour as Masoyi Home Based Care is proudly synonomous with caring, helping and improving the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and young adults in their community.

During the tours you will visit the hub of their activities at the K2 and K3 care centres where they run daily feeding programmes for orphans and vulnerable children; a crèche for the early development of infants; a life skills training programme (with a focus on young mothers and other unemployed young adults); develop and tend to community gardens and organise essential building projects for those most in need of shelter.

This programme has been created as a fund raising project and all money raised goes directly towards MHBC's wish list. Additional donations are gratefully received. Gifts for the children and purchases from the Life Skills Centre on the day are welcome.

Tours run weekdays only starting at 9.30am (school term) or 1.30pm (school holidays). The tours range in duration from 3 to 4 hours. Tours are arranged through Mfafa Safaris at a cost of R900 per person and include transfers (White River, Hazyview, Nelsspruit areas) and bottled water. 40% of the proceeds go directly towards supporting the orphans, vulnerable children and young adults. 

Contact:  Mfafa Safaris on + 27 (0) 13 750 1782 to make a booking or email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


For MHBC to be able to improve its services to the people of the community and ensure that they can communicate properly with their stakeholders, they are in need of the following infrastructure:

  • Overhead projector
  • iPad/s
  • Laptop/s
  • Video camera
  • Camera/s

For their programs to continue delivering services to such a high standard they are in need of funds to cover the following operational costs:

  • Medication for our HBC team
  • Food / food parcels for the OVC's at a cost of R110 per OVC per week
  • Toys and things to play with for our ECD children to encourage and improve their learning skills
  • Additional funding to create a stipend allowance for volunteer staff


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