At Home in Africa: A Gourmet Getaway in South Africa

Umsisi House, Gourmet Getaway in South Africa, Private Villa Kruger

For most of our guests, a safari to the Kruger Lowveld region is about getting up close and personal with Africa’s Big 5 in the Kruger National Park. But we pride ourselves on adding a slightly different type of safari into the mix as well. One that is every bit as magical as the magnificent wildlife you’ve come to watch, and it appears in the guise of a world-class culinary adventure – an invitation to stay at our gourmet getaway in a private villa near Kruger.  Think Amarula milkshakes before bed to the best local produce cooked with love to lantern-lit fireside feasts served up under star-strewn African night skies. 

From appreciating the healthy soil in which the fresh produce grows to experiencing the art of delicious home cooking, a gourmet getaway is for those who love all aspects of food and dining. We are passionate about taking your taste buds on a food journey around the world surrounded by the natural splendour of the South African bush.

We believe that each meal should be a special experience in both its cuisine and location. Here is how we make that happen when you stay with us:

Bespoke menu

At umSisi House, we prioritise exclusivity, comfort and safety (in this time of COVID-19) throughout your stay, and this allows us to create bespoke menus just for you! We plan all meals in advance and serve a set menu (or Table d’hôte as the French say). We like to surprise you, but you can also create your own menus if you prefer. Our ‘At Home in Africa’ setting in the bush extends into the kitchen, where we treat you to home-cooked and wholesome meals on either a dinner, bed and breakfast or Full Board basis.

Umsisi House, Gourmet Getaway in South Africa, Private Villa Kruger
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Gathering around a table to share a meal with friends and family is one of the most natural and effortless ways of connecting with one another. You may enjoy an Afro-Italian meal one night and a Moroccan food journey the next. Each day serves up a different culinary experience cooked in different ways – on an open wood fire, in a potjie pot (a cast iron pot) and sometimes even in an oven!  Any which way, we will work our magic to create a menu that excites everyone and takes you all on a food journey together.

Healthy and sustainable produce

The meals that come out of the umSisi House kitchen are all made with love, care and attention to detail. A huge part of this is selecting the freshest ingredients for each dish and knowing where they have come from. It is this simple philosophy that defines how we cook and prepare our menus.

Umsisi House, Gourmet Getaway in South Africa, Private Villa Kruger
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As part of our commitment to sustainable living and healthy eating, we try as much as possible to prepare menus made from fresh and seasonal produce, much of which is grown onsite in our beautiful organic vegetable garden. We go to great lengths to source most of our other ingredients from the best local suppliers we can find!

Sunset drinks with a view

Sundowners are a South African tradition. After a day of exciting game-viewing on your private safari in Kruger, you can book this special treat and we will set you up at our private mountain-side spot looking across the valley towards the Kruger National Park.

Umsisi House, Gourmet Getaway in South Africa, Private Villa Kruger
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There is nothing quite like watching the sun set on another day with an ice cold beer in one hand and something delicious to nibble on in the other. Share the day’s highlights with each other or just lose your thoughts in the horizon beyond.

Dinner with a South African twist

Our take on an alfresco dinner has a special South African twist to be enjoyed in the comfort of your private open-air dining room surrounded by just your nearest and dearest.

Umsisi House, Gourmet Getaway in South Africa, Private Villa Kruger
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As night falls and the stars begin to twinkle in the dark blue-black sky above, it is time to put those potjie pots to good use and spoil you with a delicious dinner cooked on the open fire. The meal will feature freshly-baked pot bread, a hearty stew, fresh salads and something sticky and sweet, with freshly ground African coffee to finish.

The ultimate gourmet getaway in South Africa is waiting for you at umSisi House! Contact us to learn more about our unique foodie experience and private group accommodation near the Kruger National Park.

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