Spicy Dahl with Rice and Flatbreads

Spicy dahl, Red lentil dahl, Indian cuisine, private villa, Kruger National Park, Zero Food Waste, Gourmet Getaway, Food Management at Home

There are many spicy dahl recipes out there and knowing which one to pick can be overwhelming. So we have done the work for you! After 20 years of cooking different spicy dahls from all regions of India, we have settled on this super quick recipe that in our opinion is unbeatable. Made with pantry […]

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Lockdown Lessons in Free-Range Eggs

Free-Range Chickens

For many years now, we have dreamt of having our own free-range eggs to serve guests for breakfast at umSisi House. But the obstacles seemed overwhelming when looking at the pros and cons of safeguarding laying hens in the African bush. When we bought umSisi House back in 2009, we inherited a 200 square-metre chicken […]

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Fasolia (Middle-Eastern Spiced Kidney Beans)

Fasolia, Spiced Kidney Beans, Chicken House, Chicken Hotel, Free-Range Eggs, umSisi House, Kruger National Park, Zero Food Waste, Gourmet Getaway, Food Management at Home

As our lastest blog on Lockdown Lessons in Free-Range Eggs reveals, we are planning an umSisi House favourite breakfast recipe of spiced kidney beans to celebrate the first free-range eggs laid at umSisi House. This is a quick and simple recipe that is bursting with flavour and crying out for a perfectly poached egg. It […]

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Shredded Roast Chicken Curry

Shredded Roast Chicken Curry with garlic naan and cucumber raita

This Pichi Potta shredded roast chicken curry recipe is a wonderful and tasty use for left-over roast chicken. Perfect for a midweek curry night. And ready in 30 minutes! This is one of our favourite dishes and best served with home-made garlic naan and a cucumber raita. 500g left-over shredded roast chicken (either fresh or […]

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Lessons from the Wilderness on Food Management at Home

Umsisi House, Kruger National Park Safaris, Black Pot Safaris, Gourmet Safaris, Food Management at Home

Become a zero food waste hero and master of food management at home by practicing these tips that we have learnt from running mobile gourmet safaris throughout southern Africa and hosting our guests at our private country house villa. The journey to opening the doors of umSisi House near Kruger National Park, a decade ago […]

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A Decade On: 12 Things You Should Know About umSisi House

Umsisi House, Kruger National Park Safaris, Private Group Accommodation Kruger

umSisi House is the result of many years hard work by owners, Paddy and Amanda Bond Gunning, whose vision for the perfect villa-holiday experience came to fruition when umSisi House first opened its doors in March 2010. Since then, umSisi House has mastered all aspects of our guest offerings. Whether you are a first-time or […]

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5 Reasons Why We Love Kruger National Park Safaris

Umsisi House, Kruger National Park Safaris, Group Accommodation Kruger, Kruger Safari, Big 5 Safari

It’s no secret that we love to spend all of our spare time enjoying Kruger National Park safaris. Not only is the Park right on our doorstep, but we have personally explored every corner and consider it to be South Africa’s – if not Southern Africa’s – most outstanding wildlife park. Here are the top five […]

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Top 5 Family Activities to do in & Around umSisi House

Family Holiday, Umsisi House, Family Activities, Kruger National Park Day Trip, South Africa Safari, Private Day Safari Kruger National Park

South Africa’s Kruger Lowveld region is a veritable treasure trove of different family holiday activities that make for an exciting and unforgettable family holiday. Together with the famous Kruger National Park, this area boasts some of the country’s best kept secrets, and when based at umSisi House you can enjoy a variety of day trips […]

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Local Flora and Fauna of Kruger National Park

Local Flora and Fauna, Kruger National Park, umSisi House

What you can expect to see in the Kruger National Park. umSisi House, and the Jock of the Bushveld Conservancy, are situated within easy driving access of three gates into the south-western section of the Kruger National Park. We therefore benefit from a similar diversity of plant and animal life within the conservancy. To date, […]

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